GRŌ was established in 2019 as a boutique hydroponic farm nestled in St. Louis, Missouri. We believe that healthy food should be both easily accessible and fresh. While our farms produce the standard lettuces, most of our products are a bit more unusual. We venture to satisfy our customer's desires for fresh, great tasting, and well-kept products that they can't readily find elsewhere.

The GRŌ:FARM utilizes hydroponics as our main method of growing which essentially means traditional soil is not used. Instead, water and nutrients feed the plants' roots directly. Hydroponic farming focuses on sustainable growing, water conservation, environmental consciousness, time/space efficiency, consistent quality crops with better shelf life, and natural pest control.

What you can expect to find from GRŌ is vibrant non-GMO vegetables, clean greens, and delicious herbs that are exceptionally fresh and actually last. The combination of harvesting our produce within 24-48 hours of purchase and keeping the roots on our living greens makes a world of difference in taste and shelf life.


We know that once you try food from GRŌ you’ll agree!