Entertainment Law Group



The Carrington Firm regularly counsels clients on issues involving a wide range of legal practice areas; including: intellectual property, contracts, business, employment/labor, international, immigration, and litigation. The legal practice areas on which firm relies will mostly depend on the nature of the client’s work within the entertainment industry. In addition to specific precedence, certain states have specific statutes pertaining to the entertainment industry, and because of that, you should contact a qualified lawyer who will be understanding to your specific needs. 



The Carrington Firm is a leader in a transformative industry that continues to evolve as a result of the convergence of technology and content. Our clients range from some of the world's largest music companies and most successful talent (recording, performing, writing and producing) to leading technology companies, and content licensing ventures. We offer our clients sophisticated yet practical service and a specialized music industry focus that is unparalleled in depth and scope.



The Carrington Firm trains its professionals to protect client interest first; and in the Entertainment space, often that protection is in relation to creativity through copyrights and publishing; but even the litigation side to pursue action when and where a client's rights have been abridged. Composers, songwriters, performing artists, music producers, music promoters, and industry executives have all relied on the firm to protect their interest in contracts, licenses, and other legal documents to make, secure and ensure their living. The firm's attorneys help their clients negotiate royalties, review contract terms, negotiate settlements on behalf of their clients.



The Carrington Firm believes that great representation begins at best understanding our client's industry; but most imporantly - the client's goals. No matter whether your talent is in music, production, distribution, photography, sculpture, painting, or architecture; we gurantee each customer will know that our attorneys and other professionals will be the assistance they need to take their talent, appeal and skill to the next level.









Among the entertainment-specific issues we regularly advise on, or have recently litigated are: 


  • appraisals

  • performer duty / rights

  • artist estates / foundations

  • consignment agreements

  • copyrights

  • defamation

  • criminal trial / supoenas

  • international cultural treaties

  • FTC guidelines for jewelry promotion / sale

  • distribution in e-commerce

  • joint-ownership

  • exhibition agreements

  • loans to museums

  • authentication / certification

  • art related insurance

  • misappropriation of artwork / design

  • private dealer sales

  • new media agreements